Server infrastructure is a key component in the strategies of enterprises today. Enterprises look toward server management services to provide a competitive advantage. A robust IT infrastructure enables efficient delivery of services and improves overall business performance. MindShare offers360° server management services to proactively manage servers. By using tools which meet compliance standards, maintain service levels and ensuring system security, MindShare offers360° server management services increase an IT organization’s efficiency and effectiveness while minimize the cost of server ownership.

Service Modules & Benefits

• 24X7, 365 days monitoring and alerting
MindShare engineers monitor all servers at client end using our enterprise monitoring and management system. Depending on the alerting configuration our software generates about 5-20 alerts in a day. MindShare NOC engineers watch these alerts analyze them before escalating to domain experts for resolution. Alerts are categorized as critical and non-critical by MindShare experts and escalated via telephone (in case of critical alerts) or via trouble tickets (non-critical alerts) using trouble ticketing system.

Have your servers monitored all days through the year by expert professionals in MindShare NOC.
No holidays, no breaks. Have instant alerting in critical conditions.

• Scientific and proactive management
Get a proven ITIL best practices methodology and technology tools for pro-active monitoring, alerting and managing your server environment.

• Proactive Remediation
Our monitoring and management software has the capability to defined thresholds for servers. This allows the software to trigger alerts and notifications whenever any threshold is violated, hence enabling “Proactive Management” rather than traditional reactive one.

Remote troubleshooting involves instant response times and proactive management.

• Server administration
MindShare does regular server health checks, performance checks and audits. Our recommendations are documented and presented to client to help take decision on their environment

• Patch Management, Anti virus management
We understand the need to keep your IT network up-to-date with the latest security patches. Lack of patch management has resulted in loss of productivity in many organizations.
Reduce desktop vulnerability and decrease downtime, increase productivity with this service.

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• Software deployment
MindShare NOC uses sophisticated tools which have the capability to deploy software remotely and in silent mode. This results in timely deployment of application patches for your servers.

Deploy client applications, software packages, instantly. Save on manual rollouts and errors.

• Asset and inventory management
This service enables you to take control of your IT asset hardware and software. With MindShare’s monthly Asset and Inventory reports you will know the exact inventory across geography and also ensure software compliance. Our report delivered in a predefined format also helps many organizations in budgeting for their yearly hardware and software, thus reducing time and efforts in last minute consolidation.

• Ticketing system
Get a comprehensive ITIL based ticketing system for users to log desktop problems. MindShare ticketing system will allow end users to log in tickets and track ticket status and help the CIO to monitor SLA.

• The CIO dashboard
We believe that no work is done without paper work! The CIO dashboard is a comprehensive reporting system designed for the CIO to help monitor MindShare service performance, Service Level Agreements and extract executive reports in a click of a mouse.


24 X 7 Network Operations Center (NOC) for “proactive monitoring, management & administration
No investment in an enterprise monitoring & management tool and ticketing system.
Increase technology availability
Reduction of your operational costs
Comprehensive reports on inventory and preventive maintenance activities.
Proactive approach
mprove quality of life: Rely on the MindShare NOC and experience better quality of life during weekends, holidays, and office and non-office hours.


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